Paycheck Source is a refreshing alternative in the payroll service industry

We are laser-focused on being the most responsive, helpful, and accurate payroll service,

 We exclusively serve small businesses and medical practices like yours.

From day one, the vision has been to offer a service that’s vastly different from the well-known national payroll service bureaus.

Rather than undertraining and overworking our staff, we decided to create a company staffed with the best and the brightest, with team members who are actually passionate about payroll (yes, that’s possible!).

Rather than running a “payroll assembly line” where customers are numbers and mistakes are frequently made, we actually know our clients by name and understand their needs.

If you’ve given up hope finding a service like ours, take a deep breath. You’re finally home.

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Steven Colón, CPA

President & Founder

Steven has been a CPA for over 20 working in auditing, accounting, and tax and payroll small and medium sized businesses, services,  and practices in numerous industries. After hearing from clients for many years that they wanted his CPA frim to offer them payroll services, Steven decided to launch Paycheck Source as a fully committed seperatley designated payroll company.

This was initially formed to fill a need for his clients, but quickly grew to a full quality payroll serivce offering that matched and exceeded that offered by the national payroll services in the market today. What sets us apart is quality service, flexible offerings, we are locally owned and operated, and we do not try to "upsell" to our clients. More often then not, we are able to save our clients money. 

Steven has lived in Sarasota, FL for over 16 years and before that lived in Rochester, NY were he is originally from.


Serving Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton, North Port